I just really love your blog! Your writing is absolutely amazing. I sent you a message earlier about how much I loved it but maybe you didn't get it. (although I'm kind of glad, because it was a little embarrassing, haha) Anyway, just wanted to let you know! :)

Oh, hush. I love receiving sweet messages. Make’s a person all warm and fuzzy inside, y’know? Haha.

..Any-who! Thank you, baby. You’re fucking adorable. I believe that adoption is, in fact, the next step. x

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Hi, girlie. :) This is random but BESIDES andy who do you have a crush on in the music scene? I am so curious if you have a type. xD

Oh, man.. That’s a tough one. I don’t have a ‘type’, per say - but. There’s one gentleman I’ve always been drawn to.

Subtracting BVB, just to be fair - I’ll go wiiitthh: Matt Shadows. It’s the dimples, dude. Mix that with a stellar set of (deliciously raspy) pipes? And I’m a goner. Haha. x

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Sorry to annoy, just wondering when the next imagine will be up? Idc what its about i just want moremoremore. Hehe. ilybby. <3<3

Aw, babe. You’re not annoying me! I found your message incredibly sweet, in fact.

As for the next imagine - I’d say.. either by nightfall/first-thing tomorrow? I work daytime shifts, so. That can (sometimes) put a stopper in my writing. Ack. xo

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Anonymous asked you:
Hi hi! Could i ask for one where you have an abusive home life and your in a lot of danger? (but the abuse isnt the MOST imporant part) Like, focus more on the fact andy (your bffl) offers to get you pregnant so he can legally “protect” you. So you go over to his parents house cause there on a buisness trip for the weekend and you guys do it in the bathtub. make the girl super stuttery and andy more sure if you could?? oh! and you both are 18 in senior year. ily ty. c: c:

  • WARNING: The following contains vaguely-written smut. If you’re comfortable with such material, carry on. Thank you. x

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Quick announcement:

Hello, beauts! I’ll make this simple and sweet. It has come to my attention that, in the span of my absence - I’ve gained 500 followers, and over 60 requests. That’s fucking absurd. (In the most wonderful way possible)

Unfortunately, it’ll take a minute or two to complete them all. Due to a hectic work-schedule, I’ll have to do this one step at a time. I have around three drafts in the works already - and, if all goes well, I can get at least one up within the hour. I suck, so very hard, and I’m aware of that. I just had to let it be known that your interest in this blog? Is much appreciated.

..And, even though the amount of requests is boggling - it’s equally as exciting. Who doesn’t love a challenge?

In conclusion; thank you for your patience, and even more so - your support in my writing. Sweet messages never fail to make me smile, and things.

Loads of love, nuggets. x

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I can't get over how amazing your writing is! (Yes, I'm the same anon as before, sorry to bother you) but I'm pretty positive that you're my absolute favorite imagine blog now. :)

..Stop, stop. You’re going to make cry- or something equally as embarrassing. I’m an old fart, and it doesn’t take much.

Haha. Thank you, babe! You’re literally the sweetest anon I’ve encountered. x

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Anonymous asked you:
can you do one where andy and his girl friend are at the bar. and andy was flirting with some girls. so his girlfriend goes out and dances. and he gets mad. then they go home and have a huge fight then he hits her on accident. then they make up. fluffy please.

Anonymous asked you:
i want one with andy / his gf getting into a HUGE fight at home and then he feels really bad after. <3
  • Authors note: Due to receiving similar requests, I decided to rope them together. Hope that’s alright! Enjoy, lovelies. x

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I just love all your imagines so much! They actually make me feel better (like your most recent one) when I'm feeling down, as weird as that may be. Thank you for writing them. :)

Yikes.. you’re far too sweet! The fact my lame-asswriting brightens your mood, is just.. well. Adorable.

You’re incredibly welcome, babe. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. x

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did u get my story request?? the smutty one where andy is a kitty? :(

We did! :)

Sadly, that’s Steph’s area of expertise. (She’s our only writer on here. I just got on to see if there were drafts I could post) Sorry! It should be up later tonight. If not then, sometime tomorrow. She’s pretty reliable. <3

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